Living in the Past

Your potential cannot be unlocked until you STOP living in the past…

While it can be nice to reminisce on the good things, sometimes we get STUCK thinking that all the good has past us. So we replay those good times- living with the anxiety that nothing good will come again.

On the other hand, some of y’all dwell in the negative things that have passed and drag it out longer which blocks you from your blessings.

So many of us look back to moments that seemed like setbacks as opposed to seeing them for what they truly are…. a REDIRECTION. ?



Every moment even the uncomfortable ones, the hopeless ones… led you to exactly where you are TODAY. SO stop living in the past!!!! It has shaped you into the MARVELOUS person that you are.

Depending on where you are on your path- you may feel broke, you may feel ugly and worthless. But I promise you that is NOT TRUTH- so drop the despair. Stop RELIVING the past…

The world needs more of you and YOUR experiences.

So live out loud- live in the PRESENT. Yesterday ended last night.

Find the JOY in the things around you and don’t wast time worrying on the past. Eyes ahead!!! ??

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.- Jeremiah 29:11