Magnetic Liner and Eyelash Review

I am a girly girl with a little bit of grit in her- so naturally, you know I have to LOVE some fun glam in my life.

Fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions are ALL the rage right now – so I just had to try some of the optionf for myself. Figured I would share my thoughts and experiences while at it too!

Quick discalimer: I do not wear fake eyelashes every day. Typically for LIVE videos or special events. So for those of you looking for an every once in a while look then this fake eyelash review is for you.

When it comes to eyelash extensions- I have never tried it due to cost and more importantly the upkeep. It isn’t a one and done type of thing. You need to get fills every 2-3 weeks from what I understand. Very similar to getting fills for acryllic nails. If I know anything about myself, I would just let it go for 4 weeks and just have a few straggler eyelashes left #notcute LOL.

SOOOOOO- I decided to try all the simple ones I can do AT home, easily and on a budget.

For YEARS I used the DUO eyelash adhesive (super cheap – lasts an eternity). I use the clear one which comes out white but dries clear. I apply a small amount DIRECTLY to the fake lash strip- allow to get tacky and then apply to my lash line. I use the clear since the glue that dries balck will be seen and may change the appearance of your other eye makeup.

TIP here- I apply starting at the outside of the eye and then work my way in to make sure the lash flares nicely on the side and is not poking the inner corner of my eye. also put it on the lask line NOT the actual hair themsleves.

Extra tip: apply lashes to bare lashes. After they are set, you can apply light mascara. I feel that tends to blend the natural with the fake fairly well 🙂

Duo Lash Adhesive in Clear/White

As far as the lashes- I typically grab the Ardell Wispies. Number 1- they are pretty cost effective and sold in larger packs at the pharmacy or Sally’s Beauty. 2 it is a soft glam look. I am looking for some va-va-voom but nothing over the top. (They have plenty of other styles if you want some extra DRAMA.)

Ardell Wispies Pack in Black

My complaint on these were the fact that I felt that I could never get the glue off and if I had to wear a few days in a row… my poor eyelids would be stuck together – AHHHHHH (ummmm….. ps- I just started using micellaire water… WHY have I not used that or just basic makeup remover in the past???!!!???)

This is my favorite AND gets rid of waterproof makeup in a sinch!

THEN enter the magnetic sandwich lashes… Here is what they look like for reference. Notice there is an upper AND a lower….

The ones that sandwhich your lashes….

Longs story short. I hate them and they hate me HAHAH- there I said it. So basically it is 2 different strip lashes that connect with each other. Your actual eyelashes are inbetween them. Yes and actual eyelash sandwhich. It was tough for me to get these on properly. I would get one right at the lash line- then the other clamping on mid way down my lash…. Talk about a drama. Did away with those FAST- also since it is 2 lash strips, the few times I did manage to make them look presentable, they were just too over the top for daily wear.

INCOMING… the magnetic liner and magnetic eyelash revolution!!!!

I am all about trying new things so I purchased a set of the Aroamas lashes. It comes in a cute carrying case for both sets of lashes. One is a basic one and the other is very full and dark. Like when I wear them I feel like I might take flight becasue they are like wings. HA!

So the more simple ones it is.

Here is how it went. I put the liner on – it comes in black. If you are going to do eyeshadow then I recomend doing that all FIRST and having the liner and lashes be the finishing touch.

Let the liner sit for about 30 seconds. I started pretty thin then did a thicker top coat back to back. Remember the line needs to be thick enough to have the lashes stick to them. There are small micor fragments that are magnetic in the liner and then 5 small magnets ont he bottom side of the lashes that you can see. After the 30 seconds, I apply one lash at a time. Again- starting from the outside in. The lashes will almost WANT to stick to the liner.

They make me feel FABULOUS!

Aroamas Magnetic Liner and Eyelash Kit

The one drawback is that after a few hours of wear, my oily skin starts to mess with the liner a bit and it starts to break down near my inner eye. Also since I do some LIVE workout with my clients, the sweat can mess with that inner eye section as well. Annnnd once again… either micellar water or actual makeup remover/wipes will work to get this liner off. (Try water proof for some added strength).

Here is my video review on the 3 types of lashes- Let me know what you end up trying or if you have any personal favorites to share!

Eyelash Review!