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    Living in the Past

    Every moment even the uncomfortable ones, the hopeless ones... led you to exactly where you are TODAY. SO stop living in the past!!!! It has shaped you into the MARVELOUS person that you are.

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    How to Start Living Your Best Life!

    Ever hold off on doing things because the timing is not right? Not at your goal weight. Not fast enough. Not in your desired clothing size. Too much cellulite. Not qualified enough. Legs too big. Can’t afford XYZ… The list goes ON!!!! Well- I want you to BURN that list and I want you to START living.  Holding off on outings with friends, vacations, photoshoots, events etc. because you are not where you “want” to be is downright SILLY.  I say this because I have been there… I let the negative little voice in my head tell me I wasn’t good enough.  Listening to it was only hurting me in…