How to Start Living Your Best Life!

Ever hold off on doing things because the timing is not right?

Not at your goal weight.

Not fast enough.

Not in your desired clothing size.

Too much cellulite.

Not qualified enough.

Legs too big.

Can’t afford XYZ…

The list goes ON!!!!

Well- I want you to BURN that list and I want you to START living. 

Holding off on outings with friends, vacations, photoshoots, events etc. because you are not where you “want” to be is downright SILLY. 

I say this because I have been there… I let the negative little voice in my head tell me I wasn’t good enough. 

Listening to it was only hurting me in the long run. Luckily, I realized that I am SO much more than my outer shell and SO much more than what I let that little voice tell me.

Waiting for the “perfect” time can be a cop out and an easy way to talk ourselves out of our desires and dream no matter how big or small.

The time will never be “perfect” we all will have bills to pay, stress at work, relationship or financial struggles etc. Having the “perfect” body or “enough money” will never change those external stressors. So we need to focus on how we handle our internal stressors such as self talk.

This week I challenge you to wake up each morning and state 3 things you LOVE about yourself and your life. Starting your day off with a positive affirmation can get you off on a good foot and carry you through the day. 


Stop worrying about what others may say/think about you. In most cases WE are the ones getting in our own way. So wear the short shorts!!! Apply for your dream job!!! Wear that bikini on the beach. STOP holding yourself back. There is nothing in the world that is sexier than a CONFIDENT woman and that is what I see in all of YOU!

If you need an extra dose of motivation, be sure to swing by our B-Spot VIP page. You will find women of all walks of life, ages, shapes, sizes…. But we all have ONE thing in common, and that is to be the BEST version of ourselves.

The fact that you are part of the Bombshell Fitness family shows that YOU believe in yourself in some sort of way…. So – if you have been holding yourself back, I urge you to START LIVING!!!!