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Oxygen Magazine- Proof Positive- July/August 2018


Wedge Effect- 100 Ways to Wedge- November 2017


Oxygen Magazine- Born to Perform- November/December 2016


Fitness RX for Women- Craving Crushers That Really Work- November 5, 2015

Know Worthy- Peanut Butter Banana Protein Muffin Recipe- July 28, 2015

Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine (Print)- Must Try Moves- May 2015

The Telegraph- 6 Moves Your Workout is Missing- April 23, 2015

Muscle and Fitness HERS Magazine (Print)- HIIT Box Workout- March 2015

Muscle and Fitness Hers- The Most Effective Way to Track Progress- February 2015

2014 6 Moves Your Workout is Missing- December 10, 2014

Huffington Post- 5 Reasons Your Diet is Not Working- December 2, 2014

Daytime TV- Pumpkin vs. Pie- November, 20 2014

Huffington Post- 5 Things You Should Stop Saying to People Who are On a Diet- October 30, 2014

The Stir Healthy Living- 10 Ways to Work Out Without Even Meaning To- September 25, 2014

Huffington Post- Tracking Your Progress for Health and Fitness Success- September 29, 2014

Huffington Post- 

In a Fitness Slump? Here are Tips to Intensify Your Workouts.- August 31, 2014

Muscle and Fitness Hers-8 Tight Tummy Tips- August 13,2014 4 Exercises That Actually Work Immediately– July, 2014

Florida Today Newspaper- Women Struggle More Than Men to Lose Weight- July 17,2014

Huffington Post- Hotel Room Workouts- June 26, 2014

Huffington Post- Ways to Enjoy Cardio Training- May 28, 2014

Muscle and Fitness Hers Online- Traveling While Dieting– May 21, 2014

Huffington Post-Training Mistakes That May Be Affecting Your Progress– April 27, 2014 The Next Big/Old Thing in Fitness- March 26, 2014

Muscle and Fitness Hers online- Tackling the Day at Night- February 14, 2014

Huffington Post-5 Easy Nutrition Tips for Healthy Living

Campus Circle Magazine (Print)

OnFitness Magazine-“Smart Training”- March/April Issue 2014

Muscle and Fitness Hers- Must Try Moves (Print)- February 2014 Edition-Must Try Moves


World Lifestyle- How to Get a Workout While Holiday Shopping- December 16, 2013

Huffington Post- The Right Way to “Cheat"- December 12, 2013

Campus Talk- Fighting the “Freshman 15″ (Print)- November 2013 

StepMill Glute Sculpting Workout- November 17, 2013

Charytin and Felipe- MegaTV (Television) October 18, 2013

Flourish Magazine University Chic- College Dorm Room Exercises (Print)

Huffington Post- High Intensity Interval Workout

E! Entertainment- Attack of the Celebrity Bikini Bodies (Television) August 29, 2013

Huffington Post- Keeping the Junk Out of Your Life

Wake Up San Diego- Bikini Booty Workouts (Television) July 14, 2013

Huffington Post- Heavy Lifting for Women June 4, 2013

Florida Today- 5 Ways to Lose Stubborn Pounds (Print) May 30, 2013

Huffington Post- Playground Workout May 9, 2013

Diets In Review- Ultimate Summer Body Tone Up May 5, 2013

U.S. News and World Report- Fitness Experts Share Their Favorite Moves April 17, 2013

Huffington Post- March Madness Game Time Workout April 8, 2013

FitnessRx for Men- March Madness Workouts March 28, 2013

Free-I-News- How Beginners Should Train for a Tough Mudder March 27, 2013

The Better Show- Beach Body Workouts- (Television) March 19, 2013

Health Medicine Net- On Spring Break? Vacation Friendly Workouts March 2013

Huffington Post- Beach Body Approved Workouts March 9, 2013

US News and World Report -Spring Break 2013: A Workout Plan For Everyone March 6,2013 Tips From Female Fitness Competitors: Buff is the New Black March 6, 2013 12 Lazy Ways to Get Fit Without Really Trying- February 21, 2013

Fit and Fab Living- Last Minute Valentine’s Day Workouts February, 13, 2013

Huffington Post- Super Bowl Fitness February 3, 2013

She Knows- Get a Perfect  Butt by Valentines Day January 28, 2013 

San Diego Living (Television)January 14, 2013

Total Beauty January 7, 2013


Huffington Post- Holiday Workouts December 24, 2012

Daytime TV Segment- December 19,2012 December 17, 2012 Silicon Valley Fitness- December 17, 2012

SHE KNOWS- Dec 13, 2012